Advice for New Fathers of Daughters and The Benefit From It

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Advice for new fathers of daughters will be needed. That’s because new dads are often confused about how to act with their daughters.

After all, the role of fathers is very important, especially for daughters. Don’t let it turn out that your parenting knowledge is wrong so that it affects your child’s growth.

Advice for New Fathers of Daughters and The Benefit From It

Best Advice for New Fathers of Daughters

According to, a good daughter and father bonding will be so beneficial for the daughter. It will bolster the girl’s confidence and provide them with a good foundation for self-respect.

Thus, the role of fathers in their daughters’ lives is very important. A father who has a good relationship will influence the child’s psychology.

Several studies also prove that active fathers will influence them in terms of intellectual, confidence and assertiveness, tend to have higher education, and are better in terms of emotional and mental health. Apart from that, this also has an impact on their future romantic relationships.

For new fathers who are still confused, there’s no need to worry. Here is the best advice for first time dads:

Physically Active

The main thing to do is try to be an active father physically. Give girls enough time. Dad can accompany him to play, such as jump rope, basketball, walks, or other physical activities. Studies find that physically active girls have fathers who are active in their lives.

Love Her Mom

The next first time dad tip is to show them the form of love and affection itself. Provide a positive family environment.

Stay positive and support each other with your partner so you can learn together how to be parents. treat partners with respect and love.

When a girl grows up, she will grow up to be an example of true love. He will look for a partner who can treat him like his father does to his mother.

One-on-one Time With Your Daughter

This also cannot be missed. have one-on-one time with your daughters as they are babies. Maybe this looks simple, but it will strengthen the bond. Do simple things like making faces while you wipe your baby. Your daughter should get quality time and quantity time.

Avoiding Fatherless Daughter

Fatherless daughters are currently a concern in communities throughout the world. Many children have father figures but they are not active.

These tips will really help eliminate this problem in this society. Because, being physically present is not enough for your child.

Make sure as a father you take part in raising your daughter and present in her life. Don’t let them grow up without a father mentally.

This will greatly influence their growth and how they behave in the future. So, make sure to do advice for new fathers of daughters.