Authoritative Parenting Definition Complete with Characteristics

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Perhaps not many people know the authoritative parenting definition style. For this reason, in this article, we will discuss it clearly. Moreover, there are many types of parenting styles that parents apply to their children. One of them is authoritative. This parenting style can have a positive impact on children. So what is meant by authoritative parenting? Below we will discuss it in full.

Authoritative Parenting Definition Complete with Characteristics

Authoritative Parenting Definition Style and Its Characteristics

Parents who apply authoritative parenting have high expectations for their children. However, understanding the importance of communication between children and parents is also not forgotten.

Where parents want to listen to their children’s opinions while also giving them love.
That way, children will understand and try to realize the hopes of both parents. With discipline that parents apply and balance with love, it will produce a positive impact on children.

This parenting style gives children the opportunity to explore themselves, have opinions, and have discussions with their parents. However, there are rules that parents give as a consequence.
As a parent, it’s best to first understand your child’s character so you can approach it first. In fact, it is necessary to know the potential that children have.

So that parents can provide appropriate support according to their child’s talents. So that it can be developed according to its potential.

Characteristics of Authoritative Parenting Style

Once you know the authoritative parenting definition style, there’s no harm in knowing its characteristics. The characteristics include:

Giving Children Space to Be Independent

This means that parents will continue to provide full support and free up decisions for their children. So that children can recognize, understand and consider the decisions taken.

Responsive to Children’s Attitudes and Behavior

Another characteristic is that parents respond according to the child’s attitudes and behavior. When a child behaves well, parents will be happy and conversely, when a child is not good, parents will remind him. This helps children be able to differentiate between good and bad behavior. Children will feel more liberated even though there are restrictions.

Demanding and Directing

As a parent, you need to be demanding, but with the right direction and method. This definition of authoritative parenting must be precise. Parents need to direct their children. Not only does having an attitude of tolerance, there are times when children cannot meet their expectations.

There are many parenting styles that parents can apply, so it’s a good idea to choose the right one. One of them is understanding the authoritative parenting definition and knowing the child’s potential before giving them disciplinary rules.