Impact of Helicopter Parents and Its Characteristics

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The impact of helicopter parents occurs over time. This is because parents adopt inappropriate parenting patterns. Every parent’s parenting style is not the same. Many parents think that their parenting style is correct, even though there are things that can affect the child’s mental health.

So what is a helicopter parent? We will provide a complete explanation.

Impact of Helicopter Parents and Its Characteristics

Understanding and Impact of Helicopter Parent

Helicopter parents is a common term to describe parents who are overprotective and controlling of their children’s lives. They tend to be too involved in every aspect of their children’s lives, from school affairs, and friendships, to daily activities.

Even though initially the goal of good parents is to protect their children from anything, the reality is that it can have bad impacts. Parents will always be involved and intervene in every child’s activities. Ultimately it has an impact on children’s mental health.

Characteristics of Helicopter Parent

Always controlling children’s activities in every activity does not mean that this is true. Children will feel disturbed in that way. Parents will always be involved and intervene in every child’s activity which is continuously monitored. Even though the parent’s intentions are good, if it is too much, it will reduce the child’s privacy space. The characteristics of parents implementing the helicopter parent parenting style include:

  • Too often calling or sending messages to children to find out about their activities.
  • Always be present at school events, sports matches, or other children’s activities.
  • Doing household chores or their child’s schoolwork.
  • Limit or prohibit children from trying new things or taking reasonable risks.
  • Making important decisions for their children without involving them.
  • Too quick to help children overcome problems, so that children do not learn to be independent.

The Impact of Helicopter Parents on Children

The impact of this parenting style will be felt on the child, especially regarding his psychological condition. This can happen if parents do excessive parenting. Below are several explanations regarding the impacts that children will experience, including:

Aggressive Children

One of the impacts that will occur is that children will be more aggressive. This is because the parenting style applied is too protective and will result in less sensitivity to the environment. So children will be irritable and impatient. Especially when playing with friends.

Dependent on Parents

The most common impact of helicopter parenting is that children become too dependent on their parents. Helicopter parents always try to solve their child’s problems, so the child does not learn how to solve problems and become independent. Parents often do their children’s chores. Like making breakfast or cleaning the room, so children don’t learn how to take care of themselves.


Helicopter parenting also hurts children’s mental health, one of which is that children are easily stressed and depressed. It’s different with children whose parents give them a little freedom. They will practice being independent, such as in making decisions and carrying out assignments. So you can feel freer and not have your privacy taken away. However, parents can also monitor their children’s activities from afar.

Parents need to learn to provide a balance between protection and freedom to their children so that they can grow into independent and confident individuals. So the impact of helicopter parents on children will make their lives even worse.