Training Children’s Gross Motor Skills, Recommended Fun Games

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Training children’s gross motor skills is an important task for parents. Apart from affecting growth and development, it is also very useful for training your little one’s skills. So you need to accompany your child so that they want to play and be active in stimulating their motor skills.

Training Children's Gross Motor Skills, Recommended Fun Games

Best Fun Games Training Children’s Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are a child’s ability to use large muscles. Especially in performing rough movements such as walking, jumping, and throwing. Gross motor development is very important in a child’s growth. This is because these skills play a major role in their mobility and participation in various physical activities. Below are some recommended games that can help hone children’s motor skills.


Inviting children to cycle is a fun and beneficial way to improve balance and leg muscle strength. While enjoying outdoor activities, children can also hone their gross motor skills. It is important to ensure that they wear a helmet and ride in a safe place. So that the cycling experience is positive and supports the development of their skills.

Playing Mini Basketball

Playing basketball is a fun way to improve kids’ throwing and catching skills. However, adjust the height of the basketball hoop to their height. So children can learn basic skills while participating in physical activities that are beneficial for motor development.

Jump Rope Competition

Jumping rope not only presents a fun challenge but also helps improve children’s leg strength and hand-eye coordination. You can adjust the level of difficulty according to their age. Then also ensures that they can overcome challenges. Training children’s gross motor skills in this way also supports cooperation and coordination. So it can teach children about the importance of working together in a team.

Sack Race

This fun game can stimulate gross motor development in children. In this game, children can compete healthily while improving their balance and body coordination. You can do this activity in your yard or a safe area. Thus, providing an opportunity for children to experience the excitement of competition while remaining focused on developing muscle skills.

Playing soccer

Football is an effective way to develop complex gross motor skills. This sport not only requires body strength but also improves coordination and movement skills. Therefore, children can play in the open field or the yard. So, provide a safe environment for exploration and learning new skills.

Training children’s gross motor skills such as playing games and physical activities are effective way. Then provide a fun and challenging experience for them. So you can help children develop essential motor skills for their growth and development.